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Hi and welcome to Silverline Driveways, Our services cover all paving and landscaping requirements around your home, including driveways in West Bromwich, patios, garden design all paving repairs and cleaning as well as garden walling.

We endeavour to supply you our customers with best possible advice and value for money when estimating for your garden project. We can only work professionally once all of your ideas and input has been taken on board and your project is fully understood.

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It’s simple, we don’t have an unnecessary showroom, pushy sales team or cheesy TV adverts, this allows us to keep our overheads low and pass on that saving to you, the customer. At the end of the day all you need and all your looking for is a qualified and experienced paving company to install your new outdoor patio or driveway surface at an unbeatable price, and we are proud to be able to offer the best prices in West Bromwich for patios and driveways.

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Tarmac Driveways in West Bromwich

Tarmac driveways in West Bromwich certainly have a lot of benefits. Tarmac is very cost effective and you won’t need to spend half as much time on the general construction. This is great if you’re on a low budget and you will also find that it causes less disruption to your home during the initial process. The main benefit of tarmac is that it is a very sustainable option. Over time, paving stones can raise up, the pointing can become loose, they can crack and overall, this is very unsightly. Tarmac however will never become unsightly unless you get pot holes and this only really happens after years of heavy use. You will also find that paving stones or bricks can sink when used in a driveway because the weight of the wheels pushes down on certain points.

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Block Paving in West Bromwich

If you want to upgrade the aesthetic appearance of your home, but you’re not quite sure what materials you would like to use then you should certainly consider block paving. Block paving can come in many different colours, so you can create your own designs with ease. Many people are against block paving because they feel as though it doesn’t give them much options when it comes to creativity and that it can be a little hard to maintain. This couldn’t be further from the truth, and in reality, it is one of the best solutions if you want a hard-wearing driveway, path or patio without the excessive maintenance.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveways

Concrete is very often ignored as a potential for drives or paving surfaces, often because of the percieved lack of colour or design that you can achieve when laying concrete. If you have grown up with your parents plain, boring sometimes cracked concrete surfaces please put those out of your mind now because concrete can look beautiful. The HUGE range of decorative, patterned concrete finishes become more and more popular these days and the choice of finishes offer a wide choice of colours, textures and patterns.
Plain-vanilla concrete is often used in places where a good look is not needed or required, for example shed bases, garage spaces, dog kennels, or hard standings. It’s cheap and easy to lay and utilitarian.

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Modern-day concrete enhancements have led to the introduction of fibre-reinforced concrete that can make exceptionally strong pavements and driveways, getting rid of the need for steel reinforcement for heavy-duty work. Your local concrete supplier will be able to tell you which type of concrete is best suited for you if you give them a call.

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Patios in West Bromwich

No home is complete without maximising the appeal and use of the outside spaces. Patios can transform your garden area, allowing you to have outside seating and barbecues in the summer months, for example, while improving the overall appeal and value of your property.
Silverline Driveways specialises in the design and construction of stunning patio areas and paths using a wide range of quality materials including Indian sandstone. We will work with you to achieve the look you want and help you create a patio that will brings years of enjoyment, with a wide range of patterns and materials to create an individual look.

Garden Walling in West Bromwich

Keep out intruders, make your garden child-safe, use as a divider to separate areas of the garden, or for easy-to-access raised borders, there is nothing more robust and reliable than garden walling in West Bromwich – and with an abundance of materials available they will only enhance the look of your garden.
Our professionally designed gardens often will feature an area of stone or brickwork to add depth and texture to the overall design, as well as building a raised platform for a patio, timber deck, paved area or for planting. We can help you to select colours and textures which will compliment your finished garden design.